Greece 🇬🇷 Numismatic Museum 2008 Medal for European Cultural Heritage Days.


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The European Cultural Heritage Days are dedicated to monuments and their conservation, as well as raising public awareness of national and common European cultural heritage. They were established in 1991 at the initiative of the Council of Europe and are supported by the Commission of the European Union and the Council of Europe. The Roi Baudouin Foundation in Brussels has the international coordination secretariat. Every year, on the last weekend of September, various events, with a theme that changes every two years, are held in many parts of Europe in or around the monuments, under the general slogan “Europe, a common heritage”.

Greece has been participating in the celebration since 1994. By presidential decree of 1996, the Ministry of Culture allows free entry to museums and archaeological sites throughout the country during the weekend of the celebration, for the convenience of visitors.

The Numismatic Museum has been participating in the events of the European Cultural Heritage Days since 2001 by issuing and offering a special medal.



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