Greece πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· from the Lange Series of Medals Spiridon Trikoupis 1826 (1836) NGC MS61


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Obv: Spyridon Trikoupis.

Rev: Personalization of Greece that comes to help a Greek fighter from Mesologi and his child and the date of the final fight of Mesologi 10 Απριλ. 1826.

This medal is part of the following twelve medals seriesΒ  that were engraved by Konrad Lange, 1836, bronze, each 44 mm., on the occasion of the wedding of King Otho to Queen Amalia, depicting outstanding figures of the Greek Revolution of 1821 against Turkey, and events relating to the War of Independence :

  1. Germanos, Archbishop of Patras (1821);
  2. Petros Mavromichalis, Commander in Chief (1821);
  3. Alexander Mavrokordatos (1822);
  4. Theodore Kolokotronis, Commander in Chief, with General K. Nikitas Stamatopoulos (1822);
  5. Markos Botsaris (1823);
  6. President George Koundouriotis (1825);
  7. Admiral Andreas Miaoulis (1825);
  8. Ioannis Kolettis (1826);
  9. Spiridon Trikoupis (1826);
  10. Count Ioannis Kapodistrias, Governor of Greece (1828);
  11. Otho, as Prince of Bavaria (1832);
  12. Otho and Queen Amalia (1836)

Certified by NGCΒ

Cert Number 4787058-002


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